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Tarran Deane is a Leadership Strategist & Performance Expert, transforming individuals & organisations from the Inside Out. With more than 38,000 hrs in Leadership & 22,000 audience members in 3 countries, Tarran has grown Corporate Cinderella through innovative practices & clever strategies, that provide speaking, coaching & consulting opportunities to companies like BHP, USQ, AIM & more. Whether presenting to government, community or business leaders or the former UN Director General, Tarran's insight & energy rapidly connects to educate, entertain & bring about real change. Tarran Deane is an Innovative Business Award Recipient, keen Ducati enthusiast, co-founder of The Awesome Show Podcast and a State President of Professional Speakers Australia.

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Creating an Awesome Podcast

The Awesome Show with Tarran & RussellWant to interview the rich and famous?
Want to be the star of your very own radio programme?
Want your name and image in the iTunes store without ever having written a single lyric?

Well my friends, you might be in just the right place.

Big media is no longer in the hands of the networks.
You now have a voice and that voice is podcasting!
It's never been easier to create a podcast and...
it's never been more affordable to build an engaged audience.

Your mission - if you choose to accept it, is to join Tarran Deane and Russell Pearson as they walk you through the Awesome world of Media, Message and Mechanics, while designing your very own podcast.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how podcasting can impact your business
  • Discover the tools you'll be using in the field
  • Be shown the steps from preparation to launching with iTunes
  • Walk away ready to launch your very own podcast

This is your chance to discover the tips, strategies and practical how-tos to create an awesome podcast and share your message with the world.

With Russell Pearson