Steve FrancisSteve Francis


Steve Francis understands the challenges and demands of being a Principal. He has led a number of schools from a one-teacher school through to a large metropolitan school in Queensland and an international school in Hong Kong.

Since returning to Australia in 2008, Steve works predominantly with educators to help them reach their potential. Steve brings passion, energy and enthusiasm to his professional development programs.

Steve completed a Masters in School Leadership in 1995. His research on teacher stress led him to develop the Happy School program. Over 600 schools across Australia subscribe to receive Steve's weekly Happy School articles and use them to boost staff morale and reduce teacher stress. He is the author of four books, First Semester CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOU!, Time Management For Teachers, A Gr8 life Live it Now! and Attitude is Everything.

Steve was awarded the Kerry Nairn Scholarship in 2010, attained his CSP in 2013 and was the Queensland Chapter President in 2014.


My X Year Journey to Becoming an Overnight Success (and a CSP)

For the pre-session delegates participating in the Speakers on the Journey stream of our Pre-Convention Friday... how about we start this professional learning long weekend, as we mean to go on?

If you are in this session, you are keen and aspiring to progress your speaking career. So in your opening session, you get to meet and hear from five recently accredited Certified Speaking Professionals.

And you’ve probably heard the quip before... it only took me X years to become an overnight success! Well your five CSP’s are going to offer their own true answer as to how long the journey to CSP really took them. Learn what strategies helped them accelerate towards the goal... learn too what instructive moments of failure they experienced. Kerrie Mullins-Gunst will facilitate this experience for you in fireside chat mode. Each CSP will join you for fifteen minutes and answer the same seven questions that they will speak on and then open up for you to ask your own questions. Each presenter has prepared a two page summary with their answers to the questions about how they got to CSP. At the end of the session you will have five documents with the similar and different ways that they got their accreditation. That’s a great resource and the perfect way to start your 2016 Convention.

With Bill Jennings CSP, Irena Yashin-Shaw CSP, Julie Garland McLellan CSP, and Ailsa Page CSP.