Rob Edwards CSPRob Edwards CSP


Rob Edwards has majors in Anatomy and Physiology.

Rob worked for five years in a cardiac rehabilitation program before he founded Health Futures. That business delivered over 25,000 corporate health and medical appraisals across Australia over 12 years. There he authored the book Better Blood Pressure.

Since selling that business in 2007 he splits his time between his speaking career and the foundation he created to install solar systems in remote Pacific Island schools to give those kids the opportunity of a modern education.

But the most important thing about his session is that it is not about him. It's about your most important asset - YOU.


It's All About You

We need to look after ourselves first before we can look after others. In the pressure cooker of life so many of us forget to nail down the easy day-to-day stuff, be that health, relationships, work, parenting, environment, … what's important to you? The stuff that can make all the difference when looking after customers, peers, staff and family.

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