Louise KarchLouise Karch


Louise Karch altMBA, M.Ed, AMC. is a Canadian happily building successful brands on an almost snowless continent. Her re-branding earned a solopreneur $1 million dollars in licensing and a 30% increase in revenue in three months. She helped 'Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch', a gorgeous Australian Shiraz, win an Australian Marketing Institute Award for Best New Brand in Victoria. Her Fairy Godmother Project also won a Pillar Community Award for Innovation. She is a former master's national figure skating champ who has spoken from the Arctic to Auckland serving clients such as IBM, The Red Cross and The Vancouver Olympic Committee. An activist, recovering comic and beaver loving Canadian, Louise uses Harvard Thinking Routines, her altMBA and experience teaching Marketing at The University of California to give you tools to break out, not blend in.

(the beaver is on the back of our Canadian nickel. Beaver hats were one of the reasons our nation was founded. Hard to believe but true and I do love them. There is a colony near where I used to cottage).


We are crazy ones, the one's who think we can change the world because we do it every time we speak. For the first time in PSA history, we'll bring a brand to life on stage. No safety net. We'll use one Harvard Thinking Routine, one cool marketing framework and four rock solid brand principles. You'll learn how to build your own brand or strengthen the one you have. You'll need dark glasses and cash. It's that fabulous.