Dr Jenny Brockis CSPDr Jenny Brockis CSP


Dr. Jenny Brockis is the Brain Fitness Doctor. She specialises in brain health and the science of high performance thinking. Passionate about all things brain she inspires her audiences with cutting edge neuroscience translated into simple practical tools to help people work smarter not harder.

A medical practitioner, she has a strong background in health and human behaviour. She loves working with people to help them live well, think better and get more out of their lives. She understands that while intentions may be good, changing behaviours and ways of doing things is not always easy!

In addition to being an international speaker and author of three books Dr. Jenny often appears in the media sharing her thought leadership online, in print, on radio and TV.

When not speaking, researching or writing, Dr. Jenny loves to spend time with her family, travel the world and continue to challenge her long standing fear of heights.


The People Connection - Why & How

As speakers we love to connect with others.

Building a speaking business starts long before you step onto the stage.

It's the relationships we create along the way that count.

Discover what's going on in your head and that of others when we communicate, and what can help you the most to:

  • develop meaningful and trusting relationships that will get you booked time and time again
  • connect more deeply with your clients and your audiences
  • implement simple time proven strategies to enhance relationships
Join Dr. Jenny Brockis and Graham Harvey CSP in a deep dive into your brain to tap into what makes the biggest difference to connect with people.

With Graham Harvey