Jane GunnJane Gunn (Fellow)


Jane Gunn, FCIArb, FRSA, FPSA, CEDR accredited and IMI Certified, Intercultural Mediator

Jane Gunn, is a highly sought after mediator, facilitator and speaker. She specializes in collaboration, communication and transforming business relationships and has helped open the eyes, hearts and minds of numerous companies to transform and secure the future of their organisation and the commitment and collaboration of their people.

Jane is a director and a past president of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland (PSA UKI).

She has a busy speaking practice and has also been invited to speak at the United Nations, the White House, the European Commission and the International Energy Agency

She is also the author of a popular book on conflict management How to Beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom.

Jane's skill is in getting people

  • Talking about what matters most – both to them and to their organisation
  • Motivated, energized and committed to what needs to happen next


Three reknowned expert story tellers

Following Max Walker AM CSP's keynote on the art of story-telling, the entire delegation have the opportunity to apply the learning. Bill Jennings CSP, Jane Gunn (Fellow) – via a pre-recorded video she has sent from the U.K. - and Peter Merrett, a rising star in our PSA community, will focus in on one of Max's story-telling teaching points. Each will share a story that illuminates that point. Then you will get to your feet and try out that technique by telling a story of your own in your own professional learning cluster. In turn you listen to your colleagues’ stories and offer your own encouragement and challenges to them. In less than an hour there might be 1001 stories told in the big room!

With Bill Jennings CSP and Peter Merrett.