De Backman-Hoyle CSPDe Backman-Hoyle CSP


De is known for her fearless attitude of speaking out loud to senior leaders about stopping the behaviours and practices that damage the most precious resources of any business, PEOPLE.

De's Humanaging® programs build, strengthen and maintain the psychological capital of managers.

Melding together best practice and evidence based approaches De combines her extensive knowledge of the mental health sector with her twenty years as a practicing organisational development consultant to share with you what you can do from today to sustain your own mental wellbeing and support others mental wellbeing.


As a professional speaker you put yourself under enormous pressure at times, running a viable business, exceeding client expectations, travelling extensively and meeting critical deadlines.

Then there are the fundamental expectations of the speaking business, the ability to present with a memorable presence not only yourself but valuable information and insights to a diverse range of audience members and audience sizes.

How do you ensure you are mentally fit and able to take care of you, and your audience?

How do we stay in the Green Zone (optimistic, resourceful, energetic grateful)? How do we know when we are slipping into the Red Zone (anxious, depressed, angry,)? How can we bounce back faster?

In this session Graeme and De will share with you their defining moments that lead them to speak about this topic to thousands of others.

You will learn practical and useful tips of identifying the different zones and learn the power of self talk and taking action to move out of a red zone and thrive again.

Both presenters are recognised as leaders in the field of mental wellness and they know that flourishing as a speaker is possible, but more importantly is a gift to your audience.

With Graeme Cowan