Brett DashwoodBrett Dashwood

Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2016 - Convention Co-Chair


Over more than two decades in the printing, communication, and electronic document systems industries, Brett Dashwood edp is a global expert in high-volume, personalised, customer communication management (CCM).

Everyone receives their bills, statements, invoices, policy documents, and high-end direct marketing pieces to their letterbox - and now of course their inbox - but not many give thought to the complex specialist workflow involved in preparing, processing, producing, and delivering these high-value documents.

Dashwood is a well educated and confident professional who has worked with companies - speaking, training, managing, consulting - on 5 continents, helping them strategically and technically to architect and implement innovative solutions that produce, manage, and deliver exceptional customer communications that achieve amazing results.

From an early age, his life has been filled with singing, acting, commentating, spruiking, and being an MC. He completed voiceover training at the National Theatre and has participated in and hosted stage performances, concerts, weddings, major outdoor events, and more - many in front of 100's, some in front of 1000's.

Today he runs The Document Institute - a consulting and training company - where he consults, speaks and trains on relevance, as well as high-volume customer communication within a company’s greater customer experience strategy. He is also a contributing author to the industry bible for the electronic document systems industry (

An invited speaker around the world, he has also MC'd events across multiple states and territories in Australia. He is a Full Speaking Member of Professional Speakers Australia, a member of the PSA SA|TAS|VIC Leadership team, and Convention Co-Chair for the Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2016.

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